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GPS Mapping for NATRA Trails - Version 1

The first version of the NATRA maps will be released next week. Several of the marshals are trying it out this weekend and I used it last Saturday. Again, you will be responsible for your GPS app on your device, We are recommending GURU maps because it works on iOS and Android, works offline and is easy to use. I have recorded a step by step video and it will be posted on the website under Club Stuff/Documents/TrailMaps. The app can be purchased on either the Google Play Store or Apple APP store ($3.99). If you choose to use other programs I don't know how the formatting, waypoints and POIs will import and won't be able to answer your questions.

To get on the distribution list for Version 1 of the gps files and subsequent upgraded files you will need to login into the website. Under your profile click on additional optional charges and select the check box beside the GPS Map option and proceed to payment. After paying send me an email at and request the map file that you want. Two track (for sxs and quads) or single track (for dirtbikes). The single track file also has the two track trails in a muted color (peach color) close to the background color in case you need to come out earlier rather than finishing the full loops. A screen shot of the maps are shown below (two track on left)



The $10 charge is a one time charge for use of our files and subsequent upgrades, all proceeds (100%) will be donated to A Kid's Place and St Jude Children's Hospital.

Here is the legal disclaimer for the files:


This map file is the legal property of NATRA, any distribution, sharing, duplication, copying, posting, or use for commercial purposes is strictly forebidden. Anyone found in violation of infringing upon the legal status of this file will have their memberships revoked indefinitely. By donating to the NATRA charity fund you are paying for the right to use this file for your own personal use while on NATRA property. By agreeing to these terms you will receive an updated file when changes are made to the maps. Changes due to weather and usage may cause slight changes to the trails, the user is responsible for determining safe passage on the trails.